Payroll Management

The Payroll Management System deals with the financial aspects of employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay, etc. and generation of pay -slips for a specific period. An effective payroll system will allow management to monitor time, attendance, tax payment details. The outstanding benefit of payroll Management System is its easy implementation, low maintenance cost etc.

Payroll Management System

EBIS  is an HR outsourcing associate company formed as a part of startup mission of Mizone situated at Mangattuparamba, Kannur. EBIS is an organization equipped with pool of talents which is to outsource all kinds of HR related services to small, medium, government or nonprofit organizations. Whatever a HR problem a company face EBIS equip such companies with all its HR services thereby ensuring & assisting its smooth & smart work. Today in this competitive world, the world and the things around us change rapidly, so to compete in this challenging world, EBIS equip you with pool of HR talents that will assist, guide your company to solve your entire HR problems.We promise to empower your business through outstanding solutions to achieve your people’s vision. We have the ability and expertise to solve all your people management needs and our outsourcing solution increases the productivity of your organization.

Why EBIS ?

EBIS provides affordable payroll outsourcing services to suit the needs of your organization. With our Payroll Outsourcing Service, you can be assured with less paper work and you get the best value for money. We fully understand that payroll processing is a time-consuming but extremely important process as it involves two of the most valuable assets for your organization – People & Money. With our experience in this field, we take care of it so that you can concentrate on other important tasks like sales, marketing and company expansion plansWe are aware that payroll processing service is a mission critical activity and having a team of expert professionals curbs the risk of inefficiency and boosts performance. Hence EBIS team of payroll professionals well complimented with payroll systems will be the best payroll processing solution for your company. We can manage a complete spectrum for a group of companies or even for a start-up establishment with our expert payroll outsourcing.

Our payroll Service

· We offer a full-fledged

payroll solutions

·  Payroll management

·  Salary account opening

·   Payroll processing

·   Attendance Management

·   Salary Statements

·   Maintaining TDS

·   Maintaining PF& ESI

EBIS Payroll Packages

Providing complete payroll management activities


Providing payroll at initial stage& EBIS assisting related payroll activities.

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