March 27, 2019. EBIS

Thankfully, we’re no longer debating whether HR should have a seat at the top table. Nowadays, amongst leading FTSE companies, Chief HR Officers are expected to be a catalyst for change. We’re also seeing startups begin as they mean to go on, and spending as much time building their cultural behaviours from their founding as they do on their business strategy

– they’re aware of how integrally connected strategy and culture are when it comes to growth. This shift means that the HR role has broadened from being focussed on providing technical insight (e.g adhering to employer law, organisation design etc.) to solving organisational challenges, to driving growth. Meeting these challenges requires extensive commercial and strategic knowledge of the business and the market.

So what does a modern, dynamic HR professional look like? How is this people function evolving? What should HR professionals/those hiring for HR roles be thinking about? And as a profession, how should we be developing our skills so we can keep a step ahead? Everything from our job titles to our way of thinking about business to evolving, but the key ingredient is approaching every aspect of our roles in an authentic way.

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